Manual Medical MR Alignment Lasers

HITSD Datasheet Rev. B

The HITSD-X, HITSD-Y and HITSD-XY mobile lasers are precision alignment solutions for patient setup in the field of radiation therapy. The units create one or two manually adjustable laser planes by projecting high-quality red, green or blue laser lines. When combined with other similar units, this allows the creation of a virtual isocenter in all tree body planes.

The HITSD-XY crosshair model features two independently adjustable orthogonal laser planes.


  • High-accuracy positioning
  • Single-plane or crosshair
  • 3 degrees of freedom per plane: translation, tilt and rotation
  • Red, green or blue high-quality laser line module for each plane
  • Easy by-screw adjustment from the outside
  • Flexible on-wall, in ceiling or on post mounting
  • Usable with MRI/MR-Linac machines
  • MR conditional


  • Patient setup and marking during MRI or CT/PET simulation
  • Patient alignment and setup for external beam radiation therapy