Here are some of the companies and projects we have been involved with since our creation in 1995.



Microbiological Diagnosis

i2a is a French company specialized in microbiological diagnosis since it was founded in 1988. As an historical partner, Westline assisted i2a for several of their laboratory instruments:

  • Design and manufacturing of custom electronic boards.
  • Custom embedded software development: motor control, PID regulators, sensors etc.
  • Low-level PC software libraries and tools.

SIRscan Machines

The SIRscan is an expert system performing incubation, reading and automatic interpretation of AST in discs diffusion. From its inception in 1994 Westline was essential to every incarnation of this system by designing the motor control boards, the communication infrastructure, the camera lightning and the thermal regulation of the incubator.

  • 2020: SIRscan ORION
  • 2020: SIRscan LYNX
  • 2016: SIRscan micro
  • 2003: SIRscan 2000 Automatic
  • 1999: SIRscan 2000
  • 1994: SIRscan

PreLUD Machines

The PreLUD machines are plate streaking and AST preparation automated systems for microbiology labs. Westline designed the distributed hardware and software infrastructure for controlling the large number of motors (more than 30) required by this machines.



Laser Positioning Products

Cyrpa is a wholly owned subsidiary of C-RAD that sells high accuracy laser positioning solutions providing the virtual simulation required for patient marking and alignment in CT, PET/CT, and MR radiotherapy.

The entire system is designed and manufactured by Westline.

Medical Products Laser Alignment Products

IFP Energies nouvelles

IFP Energies nouvelles

Energy Transition and Sustainable Mobility

IFPEN is a major research and training player in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. From research to industry, technological innovation is central to all its activities.

Since 1998 Westline supported IFPEN in the field of industrial oriented fundamental research:

  • Optoelectronis: fibered and un-fibered laser modules, photo-detectors
  • Analog signal conditioning
  • Digital signal processing
  • Instrumentation

DL135 Granulometer

DL135 is a precision instrument for nano to micron particle size measurement based on photon correlation spectroscopy. DL135 makes it possible to characterize samples whose dispersed phase and/or continuous phase are opaque and strongly absorb light (inks, emulsions, “milky” solutions, etc.).

The Instrument was produced by Westline in collaboration with IFPEN and the company Ardop and is based on a patent filed by IFPEN. Ardop has obtained an operating agreement from IFPEN and a development between the three companies has been carried out.

Westline was in charge of the research and development of several prototypes:

  • The laser source
  • DSP based photon correlator
  • High-sensitivity discriminating amplifier for photon counting
  • Low noise temperature regulator
  • Low noise power sources
  • Assembly and adjustment of prototypes

RLP20 Refractometer

RLP20 is an instrument for measuring refractive indices of dark solutions such as raw or waste oil, based on a patent filed by IFPEN.

Westline was in charge of the research and development of a prototype:

  • Thermoregulated fibered laser source
  • Signal conditioning
  • PC based signal processing


Coda is a corrosion monitoring system for gas tanks, consisting of a monitoring station connected for security reasons only by optical fibers to a set of unpowered remote corrosion sensors.

Westline was in charge of the research and development of a prototype, evaluated in 2005 at Hammerfest:

  • Optically-powered remote sensors
  • Signal conditioning
  • Data transfer
  • PC based signal recording
SM Contact

SM Contact

Splice Crimping and Solderless Pin Connection

SM Contact designs and produces standard and customized equipment for the following electric connections technologies:

  • Splicing
  • Pin interconnection
  • Insulation displacement connection (IDC)
  • Wire cutting & stripping
  • Wire crimping
  • Wire harness taping
  • Quality control

Starting in 2000, Westline assisted SM Contact for several of their product lines:

  • Pininsert machines
  • SM Crimp 1000/2000 machines

Pininsert Machines

Pininsert are programmable pin insertion machines for electronic assembly interconnection applicable to customized plastic connectors, PCBs, coil frames, transformers, etc. We designed and manufactured the electronic boards for I/O and motor control and we created the user software allowing the programming and control of the insertion process.

SM Crimp Machines

SM Crimp are splice crimping machines for a wide range of electrical components: wire, PCB, coil frame, metal tab, capacitor, sensor, diode, transformer, lead frame, resistor, textile, filament, etc. We designed and manufactured the electronic boards for I/O and motor control and we created the embedded software allowing the control of the crimping process.



Innovative Laser Tools

Initially a French company with our PDG as the main design engineer, Agatec is one of the few companies in the world that has been producing rotating lasers since the early 90’s, and continuously innovating the laser tool market. Agatec was acquired by Leica in 2012.

Westline designed and built in collaboration with Agatec several products:

  • A sophisticated calibration system for rotary lasers
  • A manufacturing system for high precision UV gluing of lenses for rotary lasers
  • EzDigPro - A real-time depth and grade guiding system for excavators.


Applications Techniques Études Réalisations Mécaniques Électroniques Systèmes

Since 1989, Atermes has been an industrial partner of choice for major contractors in the defense world.

Westline developed the motor control electronics and the embedded software for their Manon surveillance head and it’s Pandur mast.

GK Concept

GK Concept

Visual Merchandising Displays and Fixtures

Operating in North America, Europe and Asia for 40 years, GK Concept is a family-owned international company which offer turnkey services from design to installation to brands in the beauty industry.

Paperscent is a connected fragrance tester that instantly dispenses branded and scented perfume strips. It sprays a small dose of fragrance on the paper, cutting the consumption of tester bottles by 300%, yielding significant monetary and inventory savings. The paper strip is customized and embossed with the fragrance name, enabling the consumer to effortlessly identify previously tested perfumes.

We developed all the electronics, the motor control and the embedded software.


Miscellaneous Clients & Projects