Isolated USB to RS485 Serial Converter

ISOUSB485 Datasheet Rev. B

The ISOUSB485 module is an isolated USB to RS485 serial converter used in half-duplex communication networks. On one side it provides an USB 2.0 interface based on the FT232RL chipset from FTDI and an insulated RS485 interface on the other side. The USB port supplies the power and a DC/DC converter supplies the insulated section.

The device is primarily intended for the configuration and command of the SmartDRIVE family of motor controllers.


  • Power supply derived from the USB port
  • Galvanic isolation up to 1K volt
  • Baudrate up to 1.25 Mbaud
  • Linux compatible


  • General RS485 applications
  • SmartDRIVE based multi-axis motor control applications
  • Westline ATB networks
  • Special machines