Thermoelectrically Cooled Red LASER Modules (deprecated)

WLTEC Datasheet

These thermoelectrically cooled red light emissive modules are composed of a LASER diode, a Peltier element, an electronic driver and a collimation optic system, all packaged in a mixed aluminum/ceramic body. Each device features an anti-reflex treated high quality glass lens, assuring a good collimation and a limited diffraction. Output power is stabilized over the entire temperature range.

Their microprocessor based temperature control system maintains a user definable constant diode temperature, allowing the use of these lasers in applications demanding longer lifetime, consistency and wavelength stability. The setpoint temperature is adjustable via two input lines and is automatically saved in an internal FLASH memory. A simple monitor serial link can be realized with a plastic fiber and a WLIO1M adapter.


  • High quality LASER diode
  • High quality glass lens
  • Stabilized output power
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Extended laser diode lifetime
  • Excellent wavelength and power stability


  • Spectroscopy
  • Microscopy
  • Medical
  • Particles detection
  • Distance measurement
  • Frequency stabilization of laser modules