Collimated Red LASER Modules (deprecated)

WLx-xxx-xx-MO Datasheet

These continuous red light emissive modules are composed of a LASER diode, an electronic driver and a collimation optic system, all packaged in an aluminum case.Each device features an anti-reflex treated high quality glass lens, assuring a good collimation and a limited diffraction. Output power is stabilized over the entire temperature range.

Special features like diaphragm, fixed or adjustable focus, line generator, external power adjustment or 3V power supply are available on request.


  • High quality LASER diode
  • High quality glass lens
  • Stabilized output power
  • Reverse power supply protection


  • Smoke detection
  • Particles detection
  • Distance measurement
  • Protection areas
  • Barcode readers
  • Alignment systems
  • Security systems